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Ernie and Tracey Richardson, Owners of Teaching Lean Inc.

54 years combined experience for Teaching Lean Inc:
Specializing in  the 8 Step Problem Solving methodology, Toyota Production System (TPS), Toyota Values and Culture based training,Building in Quality at the process (JKK-Jidoka), Value Stream Mapping,  Visual Management Systems, Company Business Planning (Hoshin) targeting key performance indicators (Q, S, P, C), Standardized work development, Job Breakdown sheets, Work Combination Tables,Conflict Management and Effective Communication, Plan-Do-Check-Action (PDCA), and Quality Tools, Job Instruction Training (JIT), Quality Circle Training (kaizen teams), and A3
Writing (problem solving theme report), Medical Management, Workers Compensation processes, Long-term Disability Management, Safety Culture, Skill Trades Management, Medical clinic processes, pharmacy processes, and human resources leadership standard work